How to drive safely with your furry friend

How to drive safely with your furry friend

Aug 4, 2023

To celebrate National love your pet day we want to share our top tips on how to travel safely with your dogs

Please keep in mind the size of your dog when choosing the appropriate safety measures. 

The Boot gate

The boot gate can work well for medium or large dogs, this gives the dog slightly more room and will prevent them from jumping into the back seat of the vehicle. The boot gate may also provide some additional protection for the dog if your car was to be involved in an accident. Please ensure you do not leave your dog ln the boot for long periods of time as fresh air will be restricted.

The Travel harness

The travel harness is a very popular choice due to its comfort and chest adjustments. It should then be secured onto a seatbelt but most of them can click into the seatbelt clip which makes things easier!  The travel harness is available in several pet stores and is suitable for the boot, back seat or front seat of the car. If your dog is in the front passenger seat please ensure the passenger airbag is switched off.

The Crate

Crates are comfortable for dogs to travel in and will keep them secure during the journey. Using this method will be a go-to for dogs who have used crates for training purposes. Treats are always a good bribe if your dog is nervous about getting into the crate.

Don't forget to check the rules

Rules may differ depending on what country you are residing in.

These rules are put in place to ensure your pet does not become a distraction to the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion. If involved in an accident due to becoming distracted by an unrestrained pet in the vehicle, the driver can face a fine or worse..

Is your dog a nervous traveller?

Dogs can become anxious in a car for several reasons such as, they associate the car with travelling to the vet, the movement may make them nauseous or the vibrations of the engine are just too overwhelming! Toys, Calming sprays and special treats can also help overcome car anxiety. Please seek advice from your local vet to find out which method will be best suited to your furry friend.

When travelling for a long period of time, please stop for water breaks, open the window for some fresh air and bring some snacks.