Telematics: Black Box Insurance Explained

Telematics: Black Box Insurance Explained

Jun 21, 2023

What is black box car insurance?

Our telematics car insurance, also known as black box insurance offers incredible discounts for young and new drivers, aged 25 or under! So! Here’s the deal. If you drive better, we’ll drive down your premiums.   

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How does black box 'telematics' insurance work?

It’s no secret that young drivers have the highest number of accidents. But not all young drivers are the same. Using telematics technology the GetSetGo black box constantly measures the big five risk factors for young drivers:

Monitoring your driving helps you to improve your driving performance, helping us to lower your renewal premium. 

Who benefits the most?

Young drivers! 

Who installs the box?

One of our fully trained engineers will fit the FREE telematics device to your car so you can enjoy driving hassle free. This normally takes about an hour. This needs to be done within 14 days of you buying the policy, but you’re insured before it’s fitted.

Where does the box go?

The device is usually installed out of sight.   

Will the box affect the functioning of my car? 

No, the black box won’t affect the performance of your car, or any electrical components. 

What does the 'black box' look like?

The device is a small black box, slightly smaller than a mobile phone.

How can I get one?

You can get a black box insurance quote with us instantly!   

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