Women in Business #DrivingForce #EmbraceEquity

Women in Business #DrivingForce #EmbraceEquity

Aug 8, 2023

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 by providing an insight into the career journey of one of our key team leaders, Gemma Morrow.

At GetSetGo, we welcome this year’s IWD23 theme #EmbraceEquity which recognises women’s contributions to innovation and the various ways in which organisations can meet their unique needs every step of their career. We believe in a culture of inclusivity and equality in the business world, working towards the elimination of the gender gap.

We remain dedicated to providing equal opportunities and resources to all employees. 60% of our staff members are female, as are 60% of our team leaders and managers.

Firstly, can you tell us your name, your current role and any previous positions you’ve held at GetSetGo.

My name is Gemma Morrow. I currently work within the compliance department of GetSetGo and have done since August 2012. Previously I worked in various business divisions including the Call Centre, Processing and the Training and Complaints Department.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

Initially, I chose to go to university to study Business with Accounting, after working most of my teenage years in the catering industry. However, I quickly found out it wasn’t for me.  I applied for a Call Centre role at GetSetGo and was successful.  With the support and guidance of my Manager, I worked my way up through the business to my current role.

What inspired you to get into this particular area of work?

As I mentioned, I had worked in the catering industry during my teenage years, and I was keen to explore a different business sector.  When I applied for the role at GetSetGo I wasn’t sure if I had the relevant skillset but I was successful at interview and that was how I started working in this industry.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I have completed a number of qualifications whilst working full time which is an achievement that I’m very proud of.  I completed the Irish Institute of Insurance (III) exams for an Accredited Product Advisor (APA). Following this I went on to complete my compliance exams (LCI) with the Institute of Banking and currently I’m studying for my last module to gain my Diploma in Compliance.

How has the world of business changed since the start of your career in GetSetGo?

From starting at GetSetGo in June 2007, I have witnessed a massive growth in employee numbers. For many years my position included training new and existing staff and keeping pace with the growth in staffing was challenging.

To cater for the growing number of employees the business reviewed many of its manual processes and automated its operations. The enhancement in IT systems over the last 15 years has been remarkable. Being able to review a current process and design a specification with the IT department for them to develop and implement is fascinating.

Our IT capability really came to the fore during the Coronavirus pandemic, transforming our business practices. All employees were working from home and the business went paperless. Indeed, hybrid working is still part of our model, and the business has retained a “Go Green” ethos. With technology rapidly changing the world, this IWD theme #EmbraceEquity is very relevant. Throughout my career journey, I feel I have been lucky to have access to the continuously changing technology formats, as this has presented opportunities to progress and learn alongside other inspiring women.

Have you ever had the opportunity to carry out any coaching/mentoring?

When I was employed as a Training Officer, I was responsible for introducing new employees to the company, ensuring they were given adequate training to perform their roles.  I also encouraged them to work their way through the business and obtain experience from different business functions. To deliver the role, I completed ILM courses in Leadership and Management and Train the Trainer.  I am delighted to watch the employees that I have trained progress and embrace different roles.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out?

Be sure it’s right for you.  Gain as much knowledge and experience from any role you work in and apply yourself to the best of your ability.

If there's one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self, what would it be?

Stay at university and get your degree in Business and IT before starting your career.

What is your favourite quote?
And last, but not least, what do you like to do in your spare time?

As a full-time working mother, I do not have a lot of spare time but I do enjoy listening to music and reading after a busy day in the office.  Having recently bought a new house, I am looking forward to doing some decorating.